Oldest and Largest Indian Museum History | Facts and Virtual Tour

Oldest and Largest Indian Museum History

History of Indian Museum Hello Guest, Welcome to ( Kolkata Museum History ) Indian National Museum Kolkata. Oldest and largest Museum in India. Today I enplane you Indian museum experience. In this article you are find why Indian Museum was established ? And aim and objective goal purpose of Indian museum at Kolkata . So, … Read more

Indian Museum Kolkata attractions 2021 |Virtual Tour, Entry fees, Facts

Indian Museum Kolkata History

INFORMATION FOR MUSEUM KOLKATA In 1814, the society was able to establish a proper museum and since then it was known as Indian museum. Hindi term for Museum is  Ajayabghar( wonder house) or Jadughar (Magic house) and now it is known as Sangrahalaya. The first museum collection in India started in 1796. The Asiatic Society … Read more